Morehead City Lifting Injury Lawyer

The physically intense nature of many manufacturing jobs can take a serious toll on the health and wellbeing of workers. Workplace accidents and injuries are especially likely to temporarily or permanently reduce a manufacturing employee’s ability to meet those substantial demands. When you must receive medical treatment for an injury sustained on the job and/or miss time at work as a result of the effects, you are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits to alleviate the financial impact of the accident. Lifting the materials, products, and equipment involved in manufacturing is a common source of harm.

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Injuries Associated with Lifting

Employees are well-served if they are given instruction on proper lifting technique and the equipment that is necessary to reduce the strain that is placed upon their bodies by the repetition of this single action. Some employers do an adequate job of passing this guidance and gear along to their workers, but others do not. Regardless, though, even a trained manufacturing worker may occasionally encounter a load that is too heavy for the manpower or other assistive resources on hand, and might suffer an injury as a consequence. This may result in:

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