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The eyes are delicate organs which are essential to individuals, and especially worker’s everyday lives. An injury to the eyes can seriously impact an individual’s ability to work and provide for their loved ones. Construction zones present significant risks of injury to the eyes. According to a publication by the Center to Protect Worker’s Rights, the construction industry has a higher rate of eye injury than any other industry. The eye injury hazards construction sites present includes shrapnel and debris, splinters, nails flying through the air, chemical hazards, dust and particulates produced by moving machinery, mixing of cement, sanding, grinding, welding burns, and more. Wearing proper eye protection such as safety goggles and glasses may help to reduce the risk of eye injuries, but despite these precautions, thousands of construction workers miss work each year due to eye injuries, and some lose their vision permanently. Construction companies have a legal duty to their workers to take reasonable precautions to prevent eye injuries. When your employer has failed to perform these duties, you may be entitled to compensation through legal action of filing a worker’s compensation claim.

At Law Office of Sam Scudder, we specialize in North Carolina worker’s compensation and workplace injuries lawsuits. Our decades of experience in this practice area has prepared us to take on employers who have failed to protect their workers from serious injuries. As certified specialists in North Carolina worker’s compensation claims, we have the skills necessary to fight to win your North Carolina construction site lawsuit. If you or someone you love’s employer has failed in their duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent serious eye injuries in a construction zone, you may be able to file a worker’s compensation or financial claim for their negligence. Call Law Office of Sam Scudder today at (252) 222-0227 and we will help you determine if filing a claim is right for your situation.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Pursue a North Carolina Eye Injury Claim

While you do not need a lawyer to file a worker’s compensation claim, an experienced attorney will provide invaluable support and resources as you file a claim. A lawyer will work with you to make sure you get what you are rightfully owed. Not all worker’s compensation claims go smoothly. You and your employer may become involved in a worker’s compensation dispute. Workers compensation claims may be wrongfully denied, you may receive too little to help your recovery, and third parties may be involved which can not be held responsible through a worker’s compensation claim. A skilled attorney will also make sure you are informed of your rights and fight to secure your compensation. Lawyers can use their knowledge, skill, and experience to increase the chance of a more significant result. An experienced North Carolina worker’s compensation attorney will help you gather and present evidence and documentation of your injury and by doing so likely increase your compensation. A lawyer will help you fill out and gather forms, collect and present medical documentation, and advise you of all useful support documents which are relevant to your claim.

Most often, when you claim worker’s compensation you give up your right to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, it is also possible that you may be eligible to file a lawsuit in addition to a worker’s compensation claim. If another party contributed to your eye injury you may be able to file a claim against them or if your employer was extremely negligent or reckless, you may be able to file a suit in addition to claiming worker’s compensation. Examples of third parties which may have contributed to your eye injury include contractors who acted negligently, drivers who caused your injury, manufacturers of a defective tool or machine that contributed to your injury, and others. Contact us and a knowledgeable member of our team can help you determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit in addition to your worker’s compensation claim. We will work with you to determine the best path forward for you to receive fair compensation for your injury, whether that means filing a worker’s compensation claim, lawsuit, or possibly both.

Why Choose Law Office of Sam Scudder for your North Carolina Construction Site Eye Injury Claim

At Law Office of Sam Scudder, we have over twenty-five years of experience with North Carolina worker’s compensation claims. In those years, we have seen how workplace injuries can drastically affect our clients and their families. We strongly believe in your right to compensation and will fight tirelessly to get the funds which are rightfully yours. Furthermore, Mr.Scudder is certified as North Carolina worker’s compensation specialists by the state’s bar association. This certification distinguishes our firm as highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with injured workers seeking compensation. Furthermore, our attorneys are constantly working to improve their skills and share their knowledge through frequent participation in educational courses. As a relatively smaller firm, our size allows our attorneys and staff to interact frequently and directly with our clients and you can be certain that your case is getting the attention it deserves. We will also put our firm’s resources to work for your case. This includes our ability to perform legal research and access the support of our committed and experienced staff.

We are truly dedicated to serving the people and families of North Carolina. Our firm will always seek to handle your case with the utmost care and compassion. Our care extends to supporting a range of local charities as our way of giving back to the community. Unfortunately, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with difficult and serious cases where workers have suffered greatly due to their employers and workplace hazards. We will put this experience to use in order to support your case, anticipate problems, and act with empathy. An important aim of ours as a firm is to diligently work to earn your trust and become a compassionate resource you can turn to in trying times of stress.

Construction Work Eye Injury Cases We Handle

Our specialization in North Carolina worker’s compensation claims, as well as our extensive experience in these claims, enables us to handle all sorts of eye injury claims. Eye injuries can range from relatively minor, to extremely severe and potentially blinding. There are numerous types of injuries which can occur to the eyes. Eyelid injuries include cuts, scratches, or bruises to the eyelid which may occur with or without serious damage to the eye itself. These injuries typically occur when an object impacts a closed eye, the damage may go away on its own, unless it is a serious cut which may require stitches to properly heal. Corneal abrasions are very common eye injuries which involve the cornea being scratched. Corneal abrasions are caused by a foreign object scratching the eye or debris, such as sawdust, becoming trapped between the eyelid and eye and damaging the cornea. While painful and disruptive, such abrasions typically do not pose a longterm risk to one’s vision, however medical treatment is important to ensure the eye does not become infected. Corneal abrasions can often cause employees to miss work, mostly for short periods of time. Hyphema is the pooling of blood in the front chamber of the eye and is a relatively serious injury, typically occurring due to blunt force trauma to the eye. Without treatment, this injury can lead to permanent vision problems. The pooling of blood in the eye can block one’s vision and is typically painful, though blood is not always visible in the eye. Blunt trauma can lead to the fracturing of the bones around the eye, referred to as orbital fractures. Damage to these bones can affect the eye’s nerves and the nerves responsible for controlling eye movement. Orbital fractures can seriously impact your vision and can require surgery and extended work absence. Penetration or perforation of the eye is one of the most serious eye injuries one can sustain. Eye penetration involves an object entering but not exiting the eye while perforations create both entrance and exit wounds. These injuries occur when a small, sharp, or fast-moving object enters the eye. Penetration and perforation of the eye can result in severe vision loss and may require surgery and time away from work. Chemical burns to the eyes can also be extremely serious and result in vision loss. Such injuries occur when chemicals are sprayed, splashed, or rubbed into the eye and range from minor to blinding.

If you have experienced an eye injury, the medical bills, lost wages, and suffering can be extremely daunting. Filing a worker’s compensation claim is vital to you getting the just compensation and recovery you deserve. North Carolina state law entitles you to compensation when you are injured at work. Don’t let your employer and their insurance provider intimidate you into forgoing your right to fair compensation.

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