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The physical demands of work in typical construction-related positions far exceed those in most other fields. One of the primary ways that workers are exposed to risk of injury is in the process of lifting. The materials used in construction are necessarily heavy, and even when proper lifting technique is employed a worker may suffer harm. When this problem is worsened by an employer’s insistence on unreasonable loads or the lack of appropriate safety equipment, it is only a matter of time until a hardworking individual like you must seek medical attention for an injured back.

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Back Injury Facts

It would be a mistake to lump a back injury in with other workplace injuries, due to the extensive role that the back plays in a broad range of physical activities. For comparison, when a worker’s arm is injured, he or she may still have full use of the other arm and therefore can function in some capacity, though at a reduced degree of efficiency and ability.

Back injuries can inhibit:

  • Standing – since the spine is the central axis of support for your body, a back injury can make simply standing an agonizing challenge, especially for a prolonged period
  • Rotation – the proper rotation of the torso heavily incorporates the muscles of the back and the spinal column, so back injuries can greatly compromise one’s ability to turn or bend
  • Sleep – the pain caused by a serious back injury can make it difficult for an employee to sleep, and this deficit can further complicate efforts to work, even on less intensive duties

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