Morehead City Scaffolding Collapse Lawyer

To passersby, scaffolding might seem like an unsightly blemish on the urban landscape. But to construction workers, carefully built and maintained scaffolding is a lifesaving and essential feature of many renovation or construction jobs. Scaffolding provides a means of working safely on a building’s exterior. In the early stages of a project it may be the only way to get supplies and equipment up to the level where work needs to be done, and the scaffolding offers a place for builders to rest their tools during a shift. When scaffolding fails, workers are seriously endangered.

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Damage Done

The physical effects of a construction accident are certainly the most obvious and apparent, but they only constitute a portion of the damage done to a worker who is hurt by a scaffolding collapse. Psychological trauma may leave an individual petrified of working on, under, or near scaffolding, and this can seriously hamper his or her capacity to perform the duties associated with the position held. Emotional trauma can interfere with a worker’s personal relationships and create intense anguish. But as troubling as these are, the financial effects may be worse, and include the following:

  • Significant medical expenses
  • Lost wages during recovery and for medical appointments
  • Loss of future earning capacity because of injuries sustained
  • The cost of retraining if injuries force you to pursue work in another field

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