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A modern construction site can be an awesome thing to behold. It is likely to be littered with a variety of tools and machinery that would defy description and naming to the typical passerby. Among these mechanical wonders there are pieces of equipment that require ongoing care and maintenance to enable continued functionality and worker safety.

When a construction company fails to adequately monitor the condition and maintenance schedule of a machine, the consequences for its employees can be disastrous. Workplace injuries that are caused by these failures can be debilitating and may cause lasting harm to an employee’s life and career.

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Damages You Might Be Due

The potential for life-threatening or life-altering injuries is quite high. The machinery and equipment used on a construction site may expose an individual to the risk of burns, electrical shock, crush injuries, amputation, and a host of other serious injuries. Even if you are lucky enough to escape an improper maintenance accident with your life, you will likely find that the course that you had charted for yourself is no longer a possibility. This robbery is but one of the reasons that you may be eligible to pursue damages for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Psychological trauma

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