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If you are injured on the job, you need knowledgeable legal representation on your side to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys of Law Office of Sam Scudder have built a reputation for protecting injured workers in Morehead City and across the state, and we are not afraid to aggressively fight for the benefits you need to support yourself and your family. We know how important these benefits are for your recovery and your financial stability, and we will work hard to secure them for you.

Injuries caused by workplace accidents can be costly to treat. This is especially a problem for workers who require time off to recover. Right when their wages have been cut, they are suddenly met with staggering medical bills. If you are in this situation, you are probably wondering about types of assistance that are available to you. Fortunately, state law ensures that victims of workplace accidents will not be left struggling to pay for necessary treatment. Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers Law Office of Sam Scudder, can help you understand your rights and obligations in filing for compensation. We are here to help you, so call our offices at (252) 222-0227, fill out a contact form on our site, or chat with us live to schedule a consultation with us today.

Do I need an attorney for my workers’ comp claim?

In the aftermath of a serious workplace injury that required hospitalization, time off from work, and rehabilitation, you may need the experienced counsel of a worker’s comp attorney. While some claims go smoothly and the employer pays the worker the benefits they are owed, some workers find that their employer or the insurance company will deny their claim for various reasons. Others may find that the settlement that was offered to them is not enough to cover their medical expenses or bills. Sometimes, the injury is so severe, that the worker cannot return to work immediately, or at all. These are just a few of the reasons why an attorney is so valuable if you’ve been injured at work.

Your attorney can help explain your options, investigate the accident, and can ensure that you get the right medical evaluation to prove injury or disability. In addition, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will know how to properly fill out and file the paperwork for your claim and can help ensure that you secure the benefits you are owed.

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Why choose Law Office of Sam Scudder for my workers’ compensation claim?

For more than two decades, the attorneys of Law Office of Sam Scudder have fought to protect injured workers in Morehead City, and have successfully helped them secure the benefits they need for recovery after an accident. Attorneys Sam Scudder is a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law, which is a distinction that not all attorneys can claim. Why trust what may be the most important fight of your life to an attorney that does not have the experience to get you the benefits you need? Instead, make sure to hire a lawyer who specializes in this specific type of law, and knows how to get you the benefits that you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Cases We Handle

At Law Office of Sam Scudder, attorneys Scudder is certified as specialist in workers’ compensation law by the N.C. State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. We have the right experience and resources to help injured workers in Morehead City with:

  • Permanent Disability – If a workplace injury has left you with lifelong medical complications, our attorneys can help you with your disability claim.
  • Temporary Disability – Some injuries require a worker to rest and recover from the accident before returning to work. For employees who work for hourly wages, this can be concerning, so let us help you secure the temporary benefits you need.
  • Workplace Injuries – Negligent behavior on the part of your employer or a co-worker may warrant additional legal action. Let us help explain your options and get the justice you deserve.

If you have been hurt in an accident on the job, don’t wait until it is too late to file your claim. Turn to the law firm that has helped so many others across the state of North Carolina. Turn to Law Office of Sam Scudder for help today.

About the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act

Our state’s Workers’ Compensation Act was passed by the state legislature in 1929. Its goal was to provide assistance for workers who had suffered accidental injuries on the job. Before this law was written, employees had to prove in court that their employers were directly responsible for their injuries before they could receive compensation for their medical bills.

By allowing workers to receive compensation for any accidental injury without a trial, the Act reduced the problem of lengthy and expensive court procedures. It protects workers by requiring most employers to carry insurance that will cover accidental injuries. Employers who are covered by the act, and therefore must provide workman’s comp coverage, include:

  • Sawmills and logging operations with 10 or more employees
  • Farms and orchards with 10 or more full time, year-round employees
  • Anyone who employs 10 or more full time, year-round domestic workers
  • Any other businesses with 3 or more employees

If you have questions about the worker’s compensation laws in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact us at (252) 222-0227 to discuss the specifics of your case. We understand the laws in this state, and we have successfully fought on behalf of so many others who have been hurt and have needed the support that only a workers’ compensation claim can provide.

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Worker’s Compensation FAQs

Our compassionate legal team understands that you may have questions following a severe injury at work. For more information about your rights, read the following FAQs below, and contact us if you have questions about an injury that you suffered at work. We are here to help.

Does my employer have to provide worker’s compensation?

Without sufficient legal representation, worker’s compensation cases can be unpredictable. The North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act attempted to streamline the process and benefit workers who were accidentally injured on the job, but the system is not perfect. Although all employers with three or more employees are covered by the act, there is a long-standing precedent of employers resisting worker’s compensation claims. Many employers, along with their insurance companies, have a history of making every effort to limit your compensation. This includes multiple doctors’ opinions, private detectives to check the validity of your injury claims, and hours of paperwork. If you believe you may qualify for worker’s compensation, the best course of action is to contact an attorney.

Can I be fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim?

Oftentimes, workers will refuse to file a worker’s compensation claim for fear of losing their job. This misguided belief is compounded when your employer uses intimidation tactics to keep you from filing a claim. Although your employer cannot fire you purely for filing a claim, they can reassign you or, at worst, find an extraneous reason to fire you mid-claim. You should gather all the information before filing your claim: are you an “at will” employee, or are you contracted? Is your employer able to accommodate your work restrictions following your injury?

Are there alternatives to worker’s compensation?

Yes—you may sue your employer. Before worker’s compensation benefits were solidified legally, employees had no choice but to take their employers to court. While you have a chance of receiving a settlement this way, it is a more arduous and drawn-out process. You can be sure your employer will hire a legal team, and you should be prepared to hire a lawyer if your own if you believe that suing your employer is your best option.

Contact a Morehead City Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The experienced worker’s compensation lawyers of Law Office of Sam Scudder are here to help you if you have been hurt in an accident on the job. We know that you need to work to support yourself and your family, and when an accident sidelines you for any length of time, you and the ones you love may suffer unnecessarily. We work hard to ensure that you do not have to worry about the financial repercussions of your workplace accident, and we will help you secure the worker’s compensation benefits that can help you through this difficult time. Don’t despair, you may be able to get the benefits you need to rest, recover, and return to work. If not, benefits may be available to you to support you if you are unable to return to work. Let us help handle the paperwork and the claims process for you, while you focus on getting better and moving on with your life. If you need assistance with an injury or disability claim, contact Morehead City workman’s compensation lawyers Law Office of Sam Scudder, at (252) 222-0227.