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If you have been injured after being given the wrong drugs, you may be able to hold the negligent parties financially accountable through a pharmacy malpractice case. According to the FDA, 25 percent of medication errors reported annually result from confusion over drug names that sound or look alike. Because of wrong drug errors, people who take the incorrect medication can suffer serious side effects or even death. It’s critical that a pharmacist possesses a high degree of knowledge and skill when filling prescriptions.

An experienced pharmacist or technician must be capable of discerning between drugs to ensure that the wrong medication is not administered. A pharmacist and staff must also know the properties of the products that are sold and be capable of discriminating between those products to ensure they are safely distributing the right medications. When a customer receives their prescription, the right drug should be in the container. Any violation of a pharmacist’s duty of care may result in liability for damages.

At Law Office of Sam Scudder, we will take action to hold the pharmacist liable for their mistake if you suffer injury as a result of being given the wrong prescription. If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to a medication error, our Morehead City wrong drug lawyers can help you recover compensation and justice. Contact our office at (252) 222-0227 or online for a consultation.

Do I Need a Wrong Drug Attorney?

Being prescribed the wrong medicine can be terrifying, especially if you experience unwanted and dangerous side effects. When a mislabeled medication or drug name confusion causes harm or death, the victim or the surviving family members have the right to seek financial compensation for their loss. If you believe that you have been the victim of a medication error, you need our wrong drug lawyers to help you pursue damages.

An attorney can review your eligibility to file a claim and prove that negligence occurred on the part of the pharmacist and/or pharmacy. They can also hire experts that can testify to serious side effects and injuries that you experienced and convince a jury of the danger caused by a pharmacist filling your prescription inaccurately. With a lawyer on your side, you are likely to recover far more money than you would working alone.

Why Hire Law Office of Sam Scudder?

Founding partner Sam Scudder, a former pharmacist, has over 28 years of experience practicing law. He is also an experienced litigator who is knowledgeable about pharmacy malpractice. Mr. Scudder understands the responsibilities that pharmacists face and how wrong drug errors can cause devastating consequences.

Both attorneys are dedicated to seeking justice for clients who have suffered damages because of a pharmaceutical error. Our lawyers will assist you every step of the legal process, providing open communication with you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your wrong drug injuries. In addition to our wrong drug lawyers’ extensive experience and education, our law firm has many external resources available for clients, along with a dedicated staff that is committed to providing compassionate service.

Wrong Drug Cases We Handle

If a prescribed drug is unfamiliar in some way, the pharmacist has a duty to contact the prescribing doctor to confirm the medication is filled correctly. The pharmacist is also obligated to check that the prescription is read accurately, with the name of the medicine labeled correctly. If the pharmacist fails to confirm this information, they can be held accountable for any injuries that result.

Our law firm also handles pharmacy malpractice cases in which name confusion causes the error. Often, similar-sounding drug names can cause wrong drug errors. Any similarities in spelling or pronunciation can result in prescribing or dispensing the wrong drug. Any resemblance of characters in generic names, brand drug names, or brand-to-generic names can lead to confusion, but confusion is not an excuse for malpractice.

Wrong drug errors can be compounded by pharmacists attempting to keep up with their workload as well as with the vast array of new products introduced to the market. Similar labeling or packaging can cause a mistake. Another common problem is the incorrect entry of drug names that are close in name or proximity when the orders are entered into an electronic database. Again, however, these reasons do not excuse the mistake. If a pharmacist was negligent in filling your prescription and gave you the wrong drug, they can and should be held financially liable for their carelessness.

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Law Office of Sam Scudder is experienced in handling Morehead City wrong drug error claims. If you have been injured due to the mistakes of a pharmacist, our pharmacy malpractice lawyers can help. Contact us at (252) 222-0227 or online for a consultation today.