The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA)

Working for the United States government is an exciting opportunity and presents a unique employment arrangement. The difference between jobs in the private and public sector is certainly noteworthy, and it extends far beyond the job security that people perceive federal workers receive. For example, though the higher tiers of federal pay often do not rival the income available to workers performing similar tasks in the private sector, the lower tiers of pay tend to exceed the analogous positions.

Additionally, because the regulation of the federal government falls under different considerations and statutes than those pertaining to other employers, there are many distinctions that exist between the view of public and private workers under the law. Contact the Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, at (252) 222-0227 to speak with an experienced team of legal professionals about the means of resolution that are most appropriate for your work injury.

Important Considerations of FECA

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act applies only to civilian governmental employees and not to military personnel, who are covered under a multitude of other laws. Beyond the fairly obvious fact that to qualify for FECA you must be a federal employee, there are a number of other factors and requirements about which you should be aware, including the items on the following list:

  • The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs administers FECA (instead of the North Carolina Industrial Commission)
  • Benefits will not be paid if an injury occurred due to the worker’s intoxication or intentionally violent or reckless behavior
  • Claims must be filed no later than three years from the date of injury
  • Compensation is at two-thirds of average pay if single
  • Compensation is at three-fourths of average pay if married or with other dependents
  • Medical expenses, disability payments, job retraining, and death benefits may be paid

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