Teaching Injuries

Teaching may not usually be considered a dangerous field or one where employees are likely to be harmed. However, workplace injuries can happen in any place of employment and schools are no exception. When occupational accidents or the demands of one’s employment lead to injuries requiring medical attention and missed work time, it may be necessary to file a workers’ compensation claim.

If you are a teacher who was injured at school or in the course of off-site school duties, let us help you to ensure that your claim is filed correctly and taken seriously. Contact the Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, at 919-851-3311 today.

Types of Teacher Injuries

Most teachers work tirelessly to help their students learn and grow, and this often involves more work than most of us realize. Teachers decorate their rooms, display student work, endlessly grade papers by hand, and are often on their feet most of the day. These can lead to some of the following injuries:

  • Repetitive stress injuries of wrists and hands
  • Back, hip, or leg problems from standing for extended periods of time
  • Injuries from falling while hanging displays

Also, teachers may be involved in specialized activities that put them at greater risk for injury. Gym teachers and coaches may be more likely to experience some type of athletic injury, while science teachers with labs may be at higher risk for a myriad of accidents related to working with heat, chemicals, or toxins.

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Teaching is an essential profession to the continued betterment of our children, communities, and country. If teachers are injured while working, they should get the help they need quickly so that they can recover as soon and as fully as possible. The Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, want to assist in your workers’ compensation claim. Contact us today at 919-851-3311 to discuss your legal options.