Teachers and Compensation for Workplace Violence

Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, employees in the field of education, whether primary or secondary, are entitled to certain benefits and compensation if they are injured while on the job or engaging in duties required of the job. For almost all employees of public schools, there are specific benefits in place for those employees who are injured as a result of workplace violence, directed at them or the building.

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Specifics of Compensation

It is important to note that the law stipulates that certain employees may not receive a full salary if injured by violence while at work. People ineligible to receive this employment benefit in the education system include:

  • Part-time teachers and employees
  • Substitutes

These employees may be able to receive other types of workers’ compensation however. Those that are eligible qualify to receive their full salary for one of the following time periods:

  • 1 year
  • Time which they are disabled
  • Period in which they are unable to work due to an injury

The injured person will be awarded their full salary for one of the above time periods that is of the shortest duration.

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