The Mine Act

Much of the United States economy is influenced directly or indirectly by the presence of natural resources
including coal and a number of minerals and metals. The relative abundance of these substances has been
a boon to a number of industries. But the miners who retrieve them from the depths of mountains and
subterranean mineshafts face a degree of occupational hazard far greater than that found in other fields.
The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act was passed into law in 1977 to create stricter regulations that
would protect these workers from occupational injury, illness, or death and a mechanism for their enforcement.

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Requirements of the Mine Act

The Mine Act mandated that the Mine Safety and Health Administration, under the United States Department
of Labor, conduct annual inspections of all the mines in the country to monitor the safety conditions
for workers. The three primary requirements placed upon the mine operators are:

  • Accidents and illnesses must be reported immediately
  • Implementation of adequate training programs
  • Approval must be obtained for the use of some equipment in highly gaseous mines

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