Job-Related Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in a vehicle accident while at work, it is important to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to assist you with the matter, as insurance and liability issues can become extremely complicated. Often, more than one insurance claim is filed, and there may be a combination of liability, including your employer’s workers’ compensation plan, and both your and the other driver’s health and automobile insurance.

What if the accident is your fault?

In this case, it is especially necessary to contact a workers’ compensation attorney, because your employer’s workers’ compensation plan may not cover the other driver’s injuries if you are at fault. You may be held civilly liable for both personal injuries and damages to the other driver’s vehicle, and an attorney such as the Law Office of Sam Scuddercan fight to ensure that your employer gives you full compensation.

What if you are not at fault?

You may actually be entitled to receive two forms of compensation: compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation plan, and the other driver’s automobile insurance. However, your employer may attempt to avoid compensating you and require that you only collect damages from only the other driver’s insurance. Alternately, they may attempt to receive compensation from the other driver, as well.

Getting in touch with a lawyer experienced in these matters will aid you significantly in receiving the full compensation you deserve.

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