Industrial Accidents

Modern industrial work environments such as oil refineries, meat processing plants, and factories provide us with many necessary and useful products, and provide jobs and economic stimulation. However, in any heavy industrial situation, there can be greater risk of a workplace accident. These can range from small, contained spills to injuries involving machines or equipment to major fires or explosions.

Industrial Accident Outcomes

No matter the cause of your accident, you or a loved one may have experienced some mild to very serious consequences following an industrial accident:

  • Burns caused by chemical or flame
  • Smoke inhalation, and possibly inhalation of dangerous chemicals
  • Broken bones and bruising
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health complications
  • Temporary or permanent nerve damage
  • Full or partial paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury

Most workers are aware of the types of dangers that are specific to their workplace, but it can be difficult to comprehend all the implications of such an incident until it happens to you. Not only are you and your family dealing with the physical injuries and losses, but you may have difficulty working or paying for medical care, and the emotional toll of such an injury can be difficult to handle.

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