How Common Sense Can Conquer Common Workplace Injuries

Over recent years, there has been little shift in the predominance of certain injuries in the workplace. These injuries can have lasting health effects for the workers who suffer them, and they create a vicious cycle of financial detriment. Injured employees lose wages when they have to miss work time. Employers lose out on productivity, profits, and potentially become exposed to substantial monetary hits when they are found liable for gross negligence.

To put into perspective the nature of the problem, the Morehead City workplace injury lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, have assembled a list of some of the most common workplace injuries and suggestions for how to reduce their prevalence. Nobody benefits from a workplace injury, and we are committed to helping you protect yourself in your work environment.

The Culprits

The following are just some of the most frequently encountered injuries and illnesses:

  • Back Injuries – These are especially problematic because they do not just affect an employee’s back, but may also restrict his or her entire range of motion, making work impossible. These are most frequently caused by vehicular accidents, lifting injuries, or falls in the workplace. Safe driving, proper lifting technique, and extra caution when floor surface conditions are slick can help a great deal.
  • Strains, Sprains, and Tears – Using improper lifting, pushing, or pulling techniques can result in overexertion of specific muscles, joints, and connective tissues. Although the risk is heightened as greater weight is introduced, it is entirely possible to injure one’s self with lighter weights if inadequate precautions are taken. Be sure that you have the appropriate equipment and adequate assistance when you are engaged in these activities. And, as always, lift properly.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries – These are the most challenging because there is no way to know that they are developing until it is too late. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis can all cause severe pain and may make performing one’s work tasks impossible. Be sure that your workplace and tools are designed to enable the safe repetition of vital work motions. Additionally, take the time to stretch and rest the muscles and joints that are most heavily used.

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Workplace injuries are too common, and they do not have to remain that way. But when you have been injured in a work-related incident or through the ongoing performance of your job-related duties, contact the Morehead City workplace injury lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, at 919-851-3311.