Hazards Associated with Particular Industries

The tremendous variety of employment opportunities and industries in the United States gives rise to an equal range of potential workplace hazards. By becoming aware of the injuries and illness that are associated with a particular profession or job-type, a worker can take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of predictable accidents or dangers. In the event of an occupational injury, however, an individual is likely entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits to assist with costs.

Industry-Specific Dangers

Some injuries such as back injuries, lacerations, and broken bones may be common for various industries. The following four industries, however, have somewhat unique characteristics that create hazards for workers which are not widely shared:

  • Mining – Regular inhalation or exposure to toxic fumes, dangerous gases, and dust particles. These employees may also encounter explosions, dangerous fires, or tunnel collapses.
  • Agriculture – Farm equipment and machinery can subject workers to significant trauma in the event of an accident or malfunction. Threshers, balers, tillers, and tractors can prove particularly dangerous. The occupational environment also creates a risk of heat-related health dangers such as stroke, dehydration, and extreme sunburns. Exposure to agrichemicals and fertilizer also comes with a wealth of potential dangers, including poisoning, increased cancer risk, and more.
  • Welding and smelting – Workers are often injured because of close proximity to sparks, intense heat, and metal byproducts. Eye injuries and severe burns are especially common.
  • Electricity – Working with electrical wiring may compromise the safety of employees by submitting them to an increased risk electrical shock, falls from elevation, and electrocution.

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