Facing the Costs of Burn Injuries

When you work in an environment that involves dangerous equipment, you naturally assume a risk of physical injury when you go to work every day. However, this assumption of risk does not mean that a worker is not entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries sustained on the job. In fact, workers’ compensation exists so that a worker, who is seriously injured while performing his or her regular duties, will not be overwhelmed by the resulting costs. In the case of burn injuries, many workers face weeks, or even months, of medical treatment in order to recover, making workers’ compensation benefits especially helpful in recovering.

If you or a coworker has been burned on the job and needs help obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, contact an experienced Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyer of the Law Office of Sam Scudder today by calling (252) 222-0227.

How Workers’ Compensation Can Help

Depending on the severity of a person’s burn injury, he or she could be facing significant tissue and organ damage. Treating such a serious condition can be very costly. Fortunately, workers’ compensation helps in a number of ways, such as:

  • Monthly payments
  • Replacing a lost or suspended paycheck
  • Covering costs of necessary medical treatment
  • Instilling financial independence

The benefits of getting workers’ compensation for an injury that was caused on the job can be a great comfort to a person suffering from a burn injury. To learn more about how you could get compensation for your burn and its associated medical costs, contact an attorney today.

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