Disability Compensation for Massive Bodily Injury

To provide a financial safety net for North Carolina’s workers in the event of grievous bodily injury, the Workers’ Compensation Act supplies a guarantee and system for compensating individuals who lose multiple limbs, digits, toes, or suffer other severe and disabling harm. Your family may depend on the income that you receive from your job, and if you find yourself no longer able to work, it is of vital importance that you seek and obtain all forms of monetary compensation to which you are entitled.

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Legislated Schedule of Compensation

The list below outlines the state’s compensation scheme for some of the more severe disabilities that may arise. The rate of compensation is 66 2/3 % a worker’s average weekly wage, unless otherwise stated, and permanent disability payments are given a 5 % annual adjustment.

  • Loss of both hands, feet, arms, legs, or any pairing is considered a permanent disability, and is compensated for the sum total of weeks covered by each lost member
  • Complete hearing loss – 70 weeks for one ear, 150 weeks for both
  • Facial disfigurement – an award up to $20,000
  • Other disfigurement – an award up to $10,000
  • Complete loss of back use – 300 weeks
  • Internal organ – an award up to $20,000

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