Disability Claims for Amputation Injuries

The prevalence of workplace injuries leading to amputation was one of the primary motivations for the 20th century’s dramatic increase of worker safety standards and regulations. The loss of a limb or member can have a devastating effect on a worker’s career, interpersonal relationships, and mental health. Depending upon the limb lost and the nature of an employee’s work, he or she may be temporarily or permanently unable to return to work in the same or a similar role.

This type of injury will likely impose significant financial strain upon the injured person’s family. It is important to seek the state and federal disability benefits to which you may be entitled so that your family can remain afloat and your medical care will be paid for. To learn more, contact the Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers of the Law Office of Sam Scudder, at 919-851-3311.

Filing for Disability

The process of filing a disability claim and waiting for the official determination on whether your claim has been approved can be maddeningly slow and fraught with red tape. Not only must you carry through with the usual medical treatment provisions under workers’ compensation law, but you must also receive a graded disability rating to accompany your application for benefits. For example, if you have lost part of a finger, that may be viewed as 40 % disabling of that digit and you would be compensated accordingly.

Once those assessments have been made, you will receive benefit payments for:

  • Medical expenses (100 %)
  • Travel to and from appointments (at a statutorily defined rate of compensation)
  • An amount of compensation based on your average weekly wage and the perceived severity of the disability, according to a legislatively enacted schedule specifying the maximum number of weeks that you are eligible to receive payments

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