Cutting Injuries in the Workplace

In every occupation, there are some dangers that are simply inextricable from the fundamental demands of a person’s job or industry. Safety education and the promotion of safe practices and behaviors can help to alleviate some of the threat of injury, but even in an ideal work environment it is probable that some accidents will occur and employees will need to seek medical attention and may miss work time as a result.

Injuries associated with contacting sharp edges are especially troubling because they linger as a danger not only in jobs that rely upon the use of cutting tools, but could conceivably strike due to contact with furniture or fixtures in any setting. If you have suffered a cutting injury that necessitated medical treatment and caused you to miss one or more shifts of work, then you are likely able to file a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Contact the Morehead City workers’ compensation lawyers of Law Office of Sam Scudder at (252) 222-0227 to discuss the matter with a skilled and experienced attorney.

The Consequences of Cutting Injuries

Cuts can be fairly minor, at least in terms of the readily apparent extent of the damage that they cause. But even something as small as a paper cut has the potential to result in far-reaching complications. The following represent some of the problems that might be associated with cutting injuries:

  • Severe lacerations
  • Disfiguring scars
  • Neurological damage – may cause loss of sensation or muscle control
  • Serious infections
  • Amputations

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