Compensation for Singular Disabling Injuries

It is difficult to imagine life without the use of part of your body until a traumatic injury results in the loss of a body part critical to the performance of your work-related duties. These disabling injuries can impose tremendous psychological damage on those who suffer them, and they can have lasting consequences that turn your life on its head. The state of North Carolina has an established compensation scheme to help disabled workers cope with the financial implications of these losses.

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Schedule of Compensation for Lost Use

These are the disabling injuries that are set forth and the duration of coverage for the loss of a single appendage (all are compensated at 66 2/3 % of the average weekly wage unless otherwise specified):

  • Thumb -75 weeks
  • Index finger – 45 weeks
  • Great toe – 35 weeks
  • Other toe – 10 weeks
  • Loss of one phalange – considered as half loss of thumb, finger, or toe
  • Hand – 200 weeks
  • Arm – 240 weeks
  • Foot – 144 weeks
  • Leg – 200 weeks
  • Eye – 120 weeks

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