Common Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

While there are many federal standards in place to protect employee safety, many workers are still at risk for being exposed to chemical hazards, especially those in certain industries, such as manufacturing and construction fields. Unfortunately, a variety of dangerous chemicals are commonly present in the workplace in many different forms, putting countless employees in danger.

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Types of Hazardous Chemicals

There are numerous harmful substances to which you can be exposed in the workplace, especially if you work in manufacturing industries. Additionally, while some chemicals are safe in a certain state, they can become dangerous when in another form. Common examples of hazardous chemicals and the state in which they are dangerous include:

  • Dusts: cadmium metal, nickel, asbestos
  • Solids: toluene diisocyanate
  • Liquids: trichloroethylene, mercury
  • Vapors: chloroform, benzene

Exposure to dangerous chemicals can lead to injuries ranging from dermatitis to burns, and in some cases, these substances can increase your risk of developing cancer, asthma, or other serious health issues.

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