Brain Injuries in the Workplace

The human body has a number of vital systems that all work together to ensure that one’s health and functionality remain intact. But one organ acts as the conductor of this complicated system, and when it suffers an injury, the entire range of the injured person’s life is subject to radical change, dysfunction, and even potentially death. What organ bears so much physiological responsibility? The brain does.

Brain injuries are devastating and when they occur in the workplace or in association with the completion of a worker’s job-related duties, he and his family may be entitled to compensation through the employer’s North Carolina’s workers’ compensation insurance policy or other avenues. The dangers in virtually any workplace are plentiful, although they may not be immediately obvious.

Hidden Dangers

It is natural to dismiss the circumstances in a familiar work environment as normal and safe until it is too late. Some frequently overlooked risky circumstances include:

  • Any work environment that has tile, laminate, or concrete floors that become slippery when wet, as these place employees at risk of suffering slip and fall injuries.
  • Unstable shelving and over-stacked records or inventory create the risk of injuries from falling objects.
  • The unsafe or negligent use and operation of tools and machinery by a co-worker creates the risk of blunt trauma or piercing injuries.

The effects of brain injuries can be permanent and may create substantial cost and a radical reduction in an injured worker’s quality of life. They should be taken very seriously and you should seek medical attention immediately if your head is struck or otherwise involved in a workplace accident.

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