5 Tips for Coping with a New Disability

Thousands of Americans become disabled due to workplace injuries each year. Whether these disabilities are temporary or permanent, there can be a significant amount of stress and even grieving associated with the process of adjusting to a new disability. There are many levels of loss associated with a disability. Many workers who become disabled have been supporting themselves and their families for years. The loss of an ability that has allowed them to do just that can be a difficult challenge to the injured person’s self-identity and sense of purpose. There are also many physical, practical, and financial concerns that often surface when someone suffers a debilitating workplace injury.

No person who goes through the experience of becoming disabled at work will have the same experience, but the following are five tips that are helpful for many people:

  1. Find supportive people to talk to about your injury. This could be family, friends, or people with a similar disability. Figure out who your support team is and use them.
  2. Educate yourself about your disability. Find out what helps and what doesn’t. Try talking with people who have made strides in dealing with similar issues.
  3. Try to focus on positive parts of your life. This can be a real challenge, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the pain of your loss. But the sooner you can adopt a positive mindset about your situation, the easier it will be to adjust.
  4. Be persistent about getting the professional help you need. Try to check out doctors until you find one you think is a good fit for you. If you struggle with depression or anxiety – which is common after such an injury – try talking to a counselor or therapist. Take care of yourself.
  5. Get professional legal assistance. Your workplace injury may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, but it is often difficult to get claims approved in time to make sure your needs are met. A disability benefits attorney can help.

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If you are dealing with a disability following a workplace injury, you’ve probably been through many stressful changes recently. While the direction of your life may have changed, you are still the one in control of deciding how to handle your new situation. Making the decision to work with a Morehead City disability lawyer can make coping with your disability more manageable. Contact Law Office of Sam Scudder, at (252) 222-0227 today to get started on your case.