5 Important Facts about Workplace Violence

Most people who need workers’ compensation coverage suffered some type of accident or illness while on the job. However, a surprisingly significant chunk of workplace injuries are the result of violence in the workplace. Sometimes this violence is an anticipated part of the job – in the case of police officers, for instance. However, it is often the result of burglary or a personally motivated attack from a current or former co-worker. Consider the following:

  1. State government workplaces have higher reports of workplace violence than private industry or local government entities.
  2. 5% of non-governmental businesses reported at least one incident of workplace violence in 2005.
  3. Of those companies reporting workplace violence, almost 10% did not have a set procedure for dealing with workplace violence, and many reported that months after the incident they still had no formalized plan.
  4. Large businesses – those with 1,000 or more employees – are much more likely to report an incident of violence than small businesses. Half of large businesses reported having an incident of workplace violence in 2005.
  5. On average, 1.7 million workers reported experiencing violence while working in the 1990s.

The injuries from workplace violence can be devastating, and many people suffer emotionally after a violent attack. If you were the victim of violence while on the job, it’s likely that you’ll qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

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