3 Tips for Dealing with Workplace Brain Injuries

Workplace accidents can change our lives in a moment. A trip, car accident, or falling equipment can cause a brain injury and change the course of a life forever. If you or a loved one recently suffered a brain injury at work, you may be wondering what you can expect or what might aid in your recovery. This is by no means a complete list, nor can it fit every situation. However, the following may provide some insight or help for someone in your situation:

1. Let go of traditional notions of “recovery.”

Usually when we get sick, we go to the doctor, get some medicine or treatment, and get better. People with brain injuries usually don’t recover in this manner. There is much room for improvement, to be sure, and those who get the treatment they need can make astounding progress. However, there are few people who make full recoveries after brain injuries, and it helps if those who are injured and their loved ones understand that, so that they can focus on finding ways to work around new challenges.

2. Lots of progress is made in the months immediately after the accident, but it doesn’t stop after a year.

You may have been told to expect to see all of the progress from your brain injury within one year after the accident. While that is the window when it is easiest for the brain to repair itself, and during which most victims see their fastest improvements, experts know that we’re all capable of continuing to learn and grow at any point in our lives. Many people also see spurts in improvement later in life.

3. Getting the care you need is of the utmost importance.

It can be really hard sometimes to get all the care you need after a brain injury. However, if your injury occurred at work, you are probably entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help you get the treatment and therapy you need and to help cover your family’s expenses while you can’t work.

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